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Comprehensive groundwater consulting services are provided in the following areas:


Groundwater Assessment 

  • Contaminant hydrogeological investigation and evaluations for a range of urban and rural xxsites (industrial/commercial, residential, landfills, agricultural, parklands, wetlands). 
  • Hydrogeological baseline studies (design of well networks, hydraulic assessments, field and sampling programs) 
  • Water quality and geochemical studies (groundwater and surface water

Groundwater Modeling and Risk Assessment Numerical ground

  • water flow and contaminant fate and transport modelling.
  • Hydrogeochemical modelling of natural or contaminated waters
  • Risk based approaches for groundwater assessment and remediation to meet regulatory requirements.

Environmental Groundwater Remediation 

  • Project management and remediation of contaminated groundwater 
  • Review and assessment of existing and emerging remediation technologies 
  • Full range of complementary services including groundwater monitoring, pilot studies and management. 

Water Resource Evaluation and Management 

  • Desk top reviews, water balance models for groundwater resources associated with mining or agricultural, non-potable or potable supply 
  • Hydraulic testing programs (short to long term testing, tracer studies, isotope analysis). 
  • Alternative storage and reuse of water and wastewaters. 
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery Assessment and Implementation
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